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Florida Employment and Consumer Lawyer Patrick K. Elliott

The Law Office of Patrick K. Elliott and is a litigation-centered law firm that primarily represents Florida employees and consumers rights.

Patrick Elliott is committed to helping employees who were made to feel powerless due to the improper, and oftentimes unlawful, actions of your current or former employer.

The Law Office of Patrick K. Elliott represents employees and their rights in the workplace and also represents Florida employees who were wrongfully terminated.

Mr. Elliott’s practice areas include wrongful termination, whistleblower and retaliation, class action lawsuits, protected leaves of absences, disability discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, race and/or age discrimination, national origin discrimination, racial harassment, sexual harassment, wage and hour violations, civil rights, class action lawsuits and background check cases.

Employment Law is a Constantly Changing Machine

While employment and consumer laws, and the cases interpreting them, are always changing, Mr. Elliott is committed to ensuring that every employee and consumer be treated fairly and with dignity.

Prior to becoming an employee and consumer rights attorney, Mr. Elliott received a degree in Business Administration and majored in Computer Information Systems. Mr. Elliott then went on to become a Web Developer and has personally designed and implemented numerous websites.

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Mr. Elliott’s technological know-how is what sets him apart from other lawyers. Mr. Elliott has the skill and expertise to put technology to work for you in your case.

Patrick K. Elliott was born and raised in Central Florida and has a unique understanding of the issues facing Florida employees and consumers. He is committed to the concept that each and every person deserves a fair and safe workplace.

Unfortunately, due to the “at-will” myth surrounding Florida employment law, many employees don’t know their rights in the workplace. Furthermore, many consumers are also unaware of their rights when dealing with unfair and deceptive business practices.

Although Mr. Elliott is a Florida native, he ultimately moved to North Carolina and attended Appalachian State University. During his time there, Mr. Elliott earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

While Mr. Elliott is passionate about technology, law was always his true calling. Ultimately, Mr. Elliott attended Western Michigan University Cooley Law School and graduated cum laude.

Full Service Florida Employment Law Firm

Patrick K. Elliott understands that the trauma you suffer when you’re wrongfully terminated, subjected to shady consumer practices, or treated unfairly simply because of the way you were born. Each employee in Florida deserves a fair opportunity to make a living for themselves and their family. The Law Office of Patrick K. Elliott will work tirelessly on your case. Unlike other employment law firms, Mr. Elliott cares about his clients as individuals instead of numbers on a profit and loss spreadsheet.

If Mr. Elliott takes your case, the firm will zealously represent your rights. Furthermore, one of the goals of the Law Office of Patrick K. Elliott is to educate clients, potential clients, and the public as to what their rights are so that you can be more prepared for the future.

The Law Office of Patrick K. Elliott is prepared to handle all aspects of employment and consumer law, including areas involving discrimination based on age, sex, race, religion, national origin, disability, and military status.

Mr. Elliott is licensed to practice law in Florida and will also represent clients who were wrongfully denied their full wages under Florida and federal law, claims of sexual harassment, unequal pay, denied or were not notified of their rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act, pregnancy discrimination, and contractual disputes.

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