Florida’s At-Will Employment Myth

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The Myth of the At-Will Employment State 

Florida employers have perpetrated several myths upon the public in recent years. The most prevalent is that Florida is a “right-to-work” or “at-will” employment state. What Florida employers would have you believe is that this means they can fire you for any reason. And while that’s partially true, there’s one important caveat: Florida employers cannot fire you for an unlawful reason.

This means that, although Florida is an at-will employment state, even at-will employees can’t be fired for discriminatory reasons, or be retaliated against for reporting harassment, discrimination, reporting or refusing to participate in your employers unlawful conduct.

Both Florida and federal law provides extensive and comprehensive protections for Florida employees. The problem is that many employees in Florida don’t know all of their rights in the employment context. Although you may be an “at-will” employee, if you feel that you’ve been wrongfully terminated, contact the Law Office of Patrick K. Elliott to ensure that your rights are protected.

Employment Situations Where You Should Call an Employment Law Firm for a Free Consultation About Your Case

  • Your employer made statements or actions that suggest you were fired for a discriminatory or retaliatory purpose;
  • You recently revealed that you have a protected characteristic, such as a disability or that you are pregnant;
  • You recently filed a complaint of discrimination or harassment;
  • You recently complained of other workplace wrongdoing, such as workplace hazards or shoddy accounting practices;
  • You recently exercised a legal right, such as taking medical leave or reported discrimination or some unlawful conduct to your employer;
  • When you were fired it changed the demographics of your workplace;
  • You are just shy of vesting or receiving certain benefits, such as vesting stock options or collecting retirement money.
  • You have an employment contract that limits the employer’s right to fire you.

Even if you are an at-will employee, if you think that any of these situations happened to you, then you may have been wrongfully terminated. This means that you could be entitled to monetary compensation lost wages and emotional distress. Florida employment attorney Patrick K. Elliott can help you sift through the facts, sort out your claims, and competently advise you decide how best to proceed.