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Workplace Retaliation in Florida

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Employer Retaliation in Florida

Retaliation in the employment context happens when an employer takes adverse action against a person because they opposed an unlawful employment practice.

Retaliation in the employment context happens when an employer takes adverse action against a person because they opposed an unlawful employment practice. Generally, retaliation in the Florida workplace occurs after you complain about discrimination, or assisted the investigation of a complaint of discrimination.

Even though federal law and the Florida Civil Rights Act make employment discrimination unlawful, the unfortunate reality is that employers frequently retaliate against employees for voicing legitimate concerns about unlawful working conditions.

Did Your Employer Retaliate Against You

During your employment with your current or former employer, did you:

  • Complain about discrimination or because you filed a charge of discrimination with the EEOC, or
  • Attempted to file, a workers’ compensation claim, or
  • Because you opposed your employer’s unlawful business practices.

You Don’t Have to Remain Silent When You’re the Victim of Retaliation

The Law Office of Patrick K. Elliott, PLLC, located in Tampa, Florida and can help you fight back against predatory and unlawful employment practices such as retaliation.

Employment Lawyer Patrick Elliott helps workers fight back against employers of any size. If you have legal questions about retaliation or other employment practices, contact the firm immediately to get started on your case. Contact Today and Tell Us About It.

Retaliation Rules in Florida

Florida law prevents employers from retaliating against employees in specific circumstances. In legal terms, it is unlawful for Florida employees to take an adverse action against a covered individual for participating in a protected activity.

Retaliation could take the form of refusing to hire, discharging, failing to promote, harassing, or discriminating against a person with respect to any other term, condition or privilege of employment.

Covered Individual: Only certain individuals are eligible for protection against retaliation, including those who have challenged discrimination in the past or applied for disability or religious accommodations. In certain cases, family members are also covered, if they reported discrimination on behalf of an employee.

Protected Activity: Only certain activities are eligible for protection against retaliation. Anyone who challenges unlawful or discriminatory employment practices is protected. Similarly, individuals who participate in formal discrimination proceedings are covered.

Adverse Action: Only certain types of actions are eligible for protection against retaliation. These types of action must go beyond mere slight or insult. The employer must terminate, deny advancement, reduce pay, or take similarly serious action against an employee.

When facing such circumstances, it is highly advisable to retain legal counsel to safeguard your rights.

Representing Victims of Unlawful Retaliation Against Florida Employees

While employer retaliation can come in various shapes and sizes, most cases tend to fall into four different buckets. The list below provides an overview of the major types of retaliation employees face on a regular basis.

  • Retaliation for Complaining about Discrimination;
  • Retaliation for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim;
  • Retaliation for Participating in Union Activity; and
  • Retaliation for Filing a Whistleblower Claim.

Contact a Florida Retaliation Attorney Patrick K. Elliott for to Discuss Your Case Today

Whether you or a loved one are dealing with retaliation or other forms of employment discrimination, there are countless benefits to engaging with a skilled attorney. Tampa Retaliation Lawyer Patrick K. Elliott can give your case the time and attention required for a positive outcome. To jump start your case, contact the office at your earliest convenience.