Six Steps To Take When You Have Been Fired in Florida

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Six Steps To Take When You Have Been Fired in Florida

If you've been fired from your job in Florida, here are six steps you should take.

Wrongful termination could come as a shock, or it could be a long time coming. Either way, some helpful tips are listed below.

1. Document Everything

Even though you may be angry, in shock, or scrambling to figure out what to do, document what happened, why you were terminated, what your employer did or said, and in what manner you were terminated.

If you are unable to gather any formal documents or evidence, simply writing a detailed account of the events soon after they have happened can help.

These facts will be important for determining whether you have been wrongfully terminated. And, if your case ever goes to court, your notes can help you refresh your memory when explaining your case.

2. Review the Employment Contract

If you have a contract or an agreement, review it to determine whether it limits the circumstances under which you can be fired. Your employer may be in violation of the contract, even if you are given what seems to be a lawful reason to terminate employment.

3. Be Civil

It is understandable to be angry over the injustice of being wrongfully terminated. However, acting out against your employer and using uncivil language will make it harder to recover damages later.

4. Stay Safe

If you have been terminated from a hostile environment, depart safely and quickly. You are not required to stick around after you have been terminated. Additionally, unless you have a contract or employment agreement that mandates it, you are not legally required to have an exit interview or have a final meeting with anyone.

5. Don’t Retaliate

It may be tempting to “get back” at your employer by stealing things, badmouthing the company, destroying property, or publicly humiliating supervisors or the company. But even if you were fired for unlawful reasons, committing crimes and legal violations against your employer will make it much more difficult to collect damages in a lawsuit.

6. Call an Employment Lawyer

Call an employment lawyer. The Law Office of Patrick K. Elliott is located in Tampa, FL and serves clients throughout Florida. The firm does not charge for a case consultation over the phone and you’re only required to pay for costs and fees if you you recover cash compensation for your employment case. Call (800) 563-1409 today.